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Lower Yosemite Falls Trail

Lower Yosemite Falls Trail is a short, easy hike that takes you to Yosemite Falls, one of the highest in North America. It's ten times higher than Niagara Falls, tumbling 2425 feet. Read More

  • Short, easy paved hike 
  • Wheelchair accessible, leashed pets okay 
  • Rocks at base are slippery, use caution 
  • Popular hike, expect crowds


This quarter-mile, paved trail offers one of the best views for the effort, bringing you to the base of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. The Upper Falls drop 1430 feet, the Middle Cascades tumble 625 feet, and the Lower Falls cascade the final 320 feet. Be aware that the granite boulders and rocks are slippery from the waterfall spray.


The trailhead begins about a half mile west from Yosemite Village, shuttle stop #6, across from Yosemite Lodge.


  • Half mile, round-trip 
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes 
  • Elevation gain 50 feet 
  • Easy hike 
  • Trailhead at shuttle stop #6

Plan & Prepare

Spring and early summer are the best times, as the waterfall can go dry as early as late July. Leashed pets are allowed and the trail is wheelchair accessible. Rocks in the area get wet from the waterfall spray so be careful.