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Madera Wine Trail

The Madera Wine Trail, near Yosemite National Park, is a true American style winery tour, with a number of wineries to visit offering an amazing array of exceptional wines.

  • The Madera Wine Trail is 51 miles of delicious wine tasting
  • Not far from Yosemite National Park and a real break from sightseeing
  • November is the best season to visit
  • Enjoy the Fait Accompli wine of Westbrook Wine Farm
  • Take part in the annual grape stomp at Mariposa Wine Company


On the Madera California Wine Trail, south of Yosemite, you’ll tour local family-owned wineries in one of the state’s most famous growing regions. Their incredible wine weekends offer not only wine tasting and delicious snacks, but live music, food pairings and local art.


From Yosemite, you can reach the Madera California wineries by taking Wawona Road out of the park, heading south on California Highway 41. The first winery is in Oakhurst, and here you can pick up a brochure on the trail and pay for your wine pass.

Idle Hour Winery
41139 Highway 41
Oakhurst, CA 93644


Madera Wine Trail California stretches along Highway 41 and turns north on California Highway 99. The time it takes to travel this route varies depending on the number of wineries you visit along the way. The trail is approximately 51 miles long from beginning to end.


November is probably the best time to visit, with events typically being held on weekends.


Madera Wineries offer a tour passport on sale in advance for as little as $20.


Visiting these wineries allows the visitor to enjoy varied wine tasting experiences, as well as buying chosen favorites, trying special food delicacies and on special occasions, relaxing to live music or being entertained by incredible works of local art.

  • Idle Hour Winery
    This winery in Oakhurst will be the first one you come to as you drive south from Yosemite. On the Fresno River, you’ll enjoy this quaint inn with winebar.
  • Westbrook Wine Farm
    The Fait Accompli is their flagship wine, but you’ll also enjoy the Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Birdstone Winery
    Sit back on the patio and enjoy the wine and friendly folks you’ll meet. This family winery, like the others mentioned here, participate in the Wine and Chocolate Weekend in February.
  • Chateau Lasgoity
    This small winery in Madera produces some premium wines. They have been in operation since 1903.
  • Quady Winery
    Ever wanted to know the perfect cigar to go with that special wine? Here you’ll find out! Enjoy the Muscat wines - Essensia, Electra and Deviation and more.
  • Mariposa Wine Company
    Madera Wine Company offers plenty of good wine, good food and good friends. They also sponsor an annual grape stomp with barbeque lunch and wine.

Whether you choose to visit one or all wineries along this trail, you’ll get to see, taste and experience a special culture.