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Located between the small towns of El Portal and Wawona, just off California State Route 41, Yosemite West sits on the western edge of majestic Yosemite National Park. Away from the tourist-filled Yosemite Valley, the town provides a peaceful alternative to the crowds that frequent the park. Read More

Technically situated just outside the borders of Yosemite National Park, the town of Yosemite West, CA is a small residential area that sits at an elevation of 5,866 feet. The easiest way for those who plan to travel in the area to get to this small town, however, is through the park itself via Highway 41 South from the town of Oakhurst.

Yosemite West, one of many tiny towns near California's most-visited national park, is said to be the home of choice for those who work in upper management for the park and the forest service. However, plenty of out-of-town guests frequent this town as well, as it provides good options for lodging during Yosemite vacations. The town is chock full of condos, B&Bs, and luxury cabins for those willing to spend a bit more on their vacation, as well as more basic cabins/accommodations for travelers with smaller budgets. Information on lodging is available from Yosemite area guide books.

Aside from the vacation rentals, however, the town of Yosemite West, California is pretty remote, with no stores or services available to visitors, who must travel to the town of Wawona for essentials. Nonetheless, the town is lovely and is just 10 minutes from the local ski area, about 30 minutes from Glacier Point, and 20 minutes to the valley floor.