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Groveland California is a historic town in very close proximity to Yosemite National Park, offering the visitor a unique look into the essence of the California Gold Rush Days.


Groveland CA was a western boomtown during the Gold Rush era in California, and home to some rough and tumble folk. History comes to the forefront in this quaint town, where you can get a true taste of the Old West. It’s so close to Yosemite National Park that it makes a great side trip to get more of the flavor of this historic region.


Groveland is located on Highway 120, only 26 miles, or a half-hour drive, from the Yosemite National Park entrance.


Of course, to have complete Groveland California information at your fingertips, you should know what lodging and dining are available.

All accommodations in Groveland are within walking distance of restaurants and other attractions in town. Find comfortable motels, charming hotel rooms, cabins or even a condo.

Dining is a pleasure in Groveland, with a choice of fine dining, authentic Mexican food or a great café with delicious meals. You won’t be hurting for taste treats or friendly service in this western town.


  • Rafting
    Near Groveland you’ll find rafting on the beautiful Tuolumne River provides special adventure. If you’re up to it, you can brave some notorious rapids, such as the Rams Head, the Nemesis, the Rock Garden and other whitewater thrills.
  • Water Activities
    One of the most popular spots in Groveland is the Pine Mountain Lake Marina, with many water activities, such as swimming at the beach, boating and more.


  • Garrotte Hanging Tree
    See the tree where about 60 people were hanged in the Old West. You can also tour the Bret Harte cabin, built in 1853.
  • Iron Door Saloon
    The famous Iron Door Saloon is an establishment existing since the mid 1850s. The original iron doors on the front were made in England and brought to America by a sailing ship that had to sail around the tip of South America. Inside there are more historic treats, including a fascinating natural history museum. On weekends, enjoy live music.

Getting Here

To get to Yosemite from the town of Groveland California take California Highway 120 directly to the park. It’s a one-hour and 12-minute drive.

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