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Vehicle Restrictions

When traveling to Yosemite National Park, the visitor should get needed information about any vehicle restrictions or road closures, so the journey can be as safe and trouble-free as possible. Read More

  • Be aware of vehicle restrictions when driving in Yosemite National Park
  • On most of the roads in the park, your vehicle can’t be over 45 feet long
  • On Hetch Hetchy Road, your vehicle can’t be over 25 feet in length
  • Some roads are closed in the winter

Getting Around Yosemite

You can get into and around Yosemite either by driving or taking one of the park's frequent shuttle buses. If driving your own vehicle, there are many parking lots close to the main sights within the park, but they can be crowded in the summer months. However, the convenience of having your own vehicle may outweigh any parking problems.

Driving and Vehicle Restrictions

If you choose to drive, note that the park has a number of vehicle restrictions that may affect the way you travel through Yosemite. Some roads require that your vehicle be a certain length. Before you start your Yosemite experience, be aware of what road, vehicle and driving restrictions might apply.

Several roads in Yosemite have vehicle length and height restrictions. Wawona Road (CA 41) will support a maximum length of 45 feet, and there are height restrictions for Wawona Tunnel (into Yosemite, 10 feet 2 inches; leaving Yosemite, 13 feet 6 inches). El Portal Road (CA 140) has the same vehicle length restriction, while the height restriction is 12 feet 10 inches. Special length adjustments might occur during rockslides or other natural events—check with park officials for the latest information.

Another road with vehicle restrictions is Big Oak Flat Road (CA 120). The maximum vehicle length is 45 feet for a single vehicle. Height restrictions for the tunnels into Yosemite Valley are 10 feet 3 inches driving into the valley and 13 feet 8 inches when driving out of the valley.

Hetch Hetchy Road also has vehicle restrictions. The maximum vehicle length is 25 feet and maximum width is 8 feet mirror to mirror.

If you are going to travel over Tioga Pass pulling a trailer, it is wise to ask the park rangers for tips on how to do so safely.

Winter Driving

If it’s fall or winter, and there is snow and ice on the roads, park regulations often require that you put chains on your tires. Call the park ahead of time if you are traveling during these seasons.

Both Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road are closed from November to May due to snow and ice. The Badger Pass section of the Glacier Point Road, however, is open from approximately mid-December through March. Mariposa Grove Road is closed from November to mid-April.

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