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Bass Lake

Bass Lake is a Sierra lake, surrounded with pines and oaks, close to Yosemite’s southern entrance and offering recreational opportunities, such as boating, camping, fishing, water skiing and more.

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  • Bass Lake offers many recreational opportunities
  • Located only 14 miles from Yosemite’s southern entrance
  • Enjoy fishing, water skiing and boating on this 1,165-acre lake
  • There are plenty of camping sites around the lake
  • Come by on the Fourth of July for some great fireworks


Combining a visit to Yosemite National Park with a Bass Lake vacation is popular with all outdoor enthusiasts. Sitting amidst pristine forests, with plenty of recreation to keep your days full of adventure, Bass Lake (all 1,165 acres) is one fun place to be.

Location & Information

Bass Lake is only 55 miles from Fresno, California, and 20 minutes from Yosemite (14 miles from the southern entrance). Simply take Highway 41 south from Yosemite Village and turn on Road 222 going east.

The lake is accessible all year, but to avoid the cold and some snow, visiting in late spring, summer or early fall is best.

You can contact Bass Lake Chamber of Commerce for more information. Their address is Post Office Box 126, Bass Lake, California 93604 and their phone is 559-642-3676.


  • Fishing
    Bass Lake fishing will net you some blue gill, rainbow trout, spotted and black bass, perch, Kokanee salmon and more. The best place to go for salmon and trout is the area around the dam. You’ll also pull in some good catches near the many docks around the lake.
  • Boating
    Bass Lake vacations must include some boating time. There are great marina facilities and watercraft rentals include even party barges.
  • Water skiing
    Bass Lake has warm waters in the summer (about 75 to 78 degrees). This makes for wonderful water skiing.
  • Camping
    Try some Bass Lake camping, a good alternative to staying within Yosemite Park boundaries. There are a number of campgrounds on the lake as well as a number of picnic sites to enjoy during the day.
  • Events
    Bass Lake has many year-round events and the favorite may be the Fourth of July celebration. Be aware, these fireworks attract thousands of people from all over, so it gets quite crowded.

Fun Facts

Bass Lake was created in 1899 and enlarged six years later. The construction of the present dam was begun in 1909. The lake is four miles long and its waters help power turbine engines for the Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E).