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Yosemite Pioneer History Center

Yosemite Pioneer History Center is a museum that was set up to honor the people who made Yosemite National Park what it is today. The National Park Service runs the center to remember the people and events that shaped the history of Yosemite and the region. The efforts of all the pioneers are worth remembering. Read More

The Yosemite Pioneer History Center is a museum located within Yosemite National Park that tells the story of the brave and resourceful pioneers who created the park that we know of today. It's important to remember everything the pioneers experienced struggling to survive in the Yosemite area.

The center contains historic structures that represent each time period throughout Yosemite's long history. Each building is included to show visitors the different stories that work together to make up the history of the park.

In the past, preservation of Yosemite's history was not something that the National Park Service was interested in. But this all changed after the covered bridge was almost entirely destroyed in the flood of 1955. Before this the priority was to work on the preservation of the natural aspects of the park, rather than saving historic buildings and structures. Luckily, this all changed in the 1950s when attitudes started to change. Now Yosemite Pioneer History Center has a large part in safeguarding and protecting the structures of the park, and disseminating information about the park's pioneer history.

If you are planning to come to Yosemite, it's a good idea to visit the Pioneer Center – you'll learn many interesting facts about the park and the visit should make your whole experience at Yosemite more well-rounded.

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