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Wassama Round House

The Wassama Roundhouse State Historic Park in Ahwahnee, California has a long history and is used by local tribes for ceremonial purposes, welcoming outsiders to enjoy tours, events and demonstrations. Read More

  • Enjoy tours, events and demonstrations at the Wassama Round House State Historic Park Located in Ahwahnee, California only about an hour’s drive from Yosemite
  • Free admission
  • Watch Native basket weaving, craft making and dancing at various events
  • An open powwow for all ages occurs in October


To learn more about Native American history and California, the Wassama Round House provides varied events, interactive exhibitions and tours that give much insight and information, as well as focusing on the spiritual and legendary tales that have made the state what it is today.


To get to Wassama Round House from Yosemite, take California Highway 140 from El Portal going south. Turn left on California Highway 49 to Ahwahnee. The trip from El Portal takes about 55 minutes.

Contact information: 209-742-7625


The Wassama Round House is currently closed while some needed construction is done on the park, but plans are to open in the spring of 2011.


Admission is free.

More Info

This historical round house site dates back to the pre-1860’s, with the current structure built in 1903. The park hosts such events as basket weaving, craft making, native dancing and an open powwow for young and old in October.

The Gathering also occurs in October on the first Saturday of the month, offering all the usual demonstrations, craft and information booths and an end-of-the-day dinner. This event has become a popular means of intercultural exchanges where natives, locals and tourists from all over the world can mingle and learn more about each other’s cultures.