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Lake Tahoe CA

Be sure to check travel information below on how to get to Lake Tahoe when traveling through California. If your vacations take you to Yosemite and nearby sights, you can't miss Lake Tahoe for unique fun. This lake is on the border between California and Nevada and a home to many attractions. Read More

The second deepest lake in California, Lake Tahoe is a favorite destination for vacationers all over the world. It's freshwater is held by the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains and the water is beautifully clear. It's a place not to be missed.

There are activities for everyone in any season. Of course, the winter sports are a big attraction, with skiing resorts and slopes catering to outdoor lovers. You can find some of the best skiing in the world right here in Lake Tahoe. You will also find both public and private sled parks and snow tubing areas. In the summer, visitors flock the area to hike and bike around the lake. Water sports include boating, guided cruises and swimming on the beaches. Don't forget gambling, which is legal on the Nevada side of the lake.

Besides plenty of campgrounds and RV parks on all four shores, you'll find a wide choice of hotels, resorts, motels and inns.

To get to Lake Tahoe from Yosemite, simply take CA-140 for 10 miles, then right on CA-120. When you get to US-395, take a left and go for a bit over 93 miles and follow the signs. It takes about four hours.