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Death Valley NP

On vacations to the wonders of California, you can't miss Death Valley National Park when you are so close. Travel information is easy to come by for simple ways to get there from Yosemite National Park and other nearby locations. Be sure to come by Death Valley for a true adventure. Read More

When visitors travel to Death Valley National Park, they are always amazed at the superlatives here, like "hottest" and "driest." It is truly a land of wonder, this arid desert with streams of sand dunes, colored rocks, canyons and snowy mountains.

Despite the desolation you would think you would find here, there are many things to keep you busy. In the heat, you have to have plenty of water, but there are thousands of possibilities for interesting hiking, with trails of many lengths. You can also attend some ranger programs that include talks, so you can learn information about this diverse area. Visit some of the nearby ghost towns like Leadfield and Harrisburg.

Your options for lodging vary, from lodging you can find within the park, to many choices outside the park in most towns along Highway 95. You can also find towns that have the type of rooms you are looking for in Death Valley Junction and Baker and other towns along Highway 127 in California.

It's only a little over 5 hours from Yosemite, taking CA-140, then CA-120 to US 395. After traveling 123 miles, take a left on CA-136 and continue on CA-190 to Death Valley.