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Yosemite is known for its scenic beauty, but with prolific waters including the Merced, Stanislaus and Tuolumne, anglers hope the fun fishing is still a bit of a secret. Find local fly fishing shops and knowledgeable fishing guides in Yosemite National Park for your fishing adventure.

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Yosemite Fishing A Secret?

Maybe Yosemite's great fishing isn't really a secret, but based on the numbers of visitors to the park every year, you'd think you'd see more people on the water. Compared to other good fishing in popular places, you can still find lots of elbow room in Yosemite.

River And Lakes

For the most part, Yosemite offers small, high-elevation lakes with some good fishing and medium-sized rivers and creeks that offer wild trout like brookies that will hit most any dry fly. Whether you choose a lake or river, fish light line and head out early and late for lake fishing. Rivers are typically in a valley here and the fish prefer to hit flies and lures after the sun hits the water.

Seasons In Yosemite

The stream and river fishing season in the park and surrounding areas runs from the last Saturday in April and continues through Nov. 15 with the exception of Frog Creek near Lake Eleanor, which opens June 15.