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Whether summer or winter, walking around the streets of Sonora leads to a number of activities, including enjoying the many parks, museums, not to mention the surrounding nature areas. Read More

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  • The Sonora Opera Hall is a must-see historical building, built in the 19th century.
  • Hiking the Dragoon Gulch Trail leads to a great panoramic, overlooking the entire area.
  • The nearby Stanislaus National Forest has summer and winter options for everyone.
  • Jamestown is located just three miles away, where visitors can take a ride on the train during the summer.

Given the extensive history of the town as well as the beautiful surroundings, there's a wealth of activities in Sonora, just waiting to be explored. Urban parks provide quiet respite from the sun, while history and culture are around every corner. After visiting downtown Sonora, take a walk in the forest trails of the area.

Downtown Sonora

Coffill Park is a small park in the center of Sonora. Located just off the town-center Washington St., this park is a perfect place to take a seat to enjoy the city.

The Sonora Opera Hall has quite a history with the city. Built during the gold rush era in the late 1800's, the Opera House was the center of many city activities. After years as various commercial spaces, it now hosts culture events of all types.

49er Rotary Park is known as "Heaven for Kids" for good reason. There is a playground and a skate park on the premises, and the Tuolumne County Library sits immediately adjacent.

A major historical attraction of the town is the Sugg House. Built in 1857 by the freed slave William Sugg, this three-story house has a unique history operating as a hotel until 1921. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Held every Saturday during the summer, the Sonora Farmers Market is a bustle of activity. The market showcases local products, such as produce, flowers, dried fruits and nuts, olive oils, and much more. Be sure to keep an eye out for the hand-made arts and crafts.

Hiking is one of the favorite activities in Sonora's Dragoon Gulch Trail. At 2.5 miles long and with a significant portion fully accessible, the trail system has multiple options, one of which leads to a spectacular overlook of the quaint city.

Nearby Sonora

History is alive just three miles away in Jamestown. Visit the Railroad State Historic Park, where visitors can take a ride on the trains in the summer. Take some time while you're out there to try your luck panning for gold!

Located just a short drive away at the Columbia State Historical Park, visitors can get an understanding of life in the 1850's, with gold-miners, businessmen and shop-keepers in period costume, working the shops, restaurants and two hotels.

Stanislaus National Forest has enough activities to keep anyone busy. In the summer, hiking, fishing, camping, rock climbing and hunting are popular activities. During the cold winter months, ice skating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing dominate the area. Tubing and sledding are always fun ways to get out with the family as well.