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Calveras Big Trees State Park

Calveras Big Trees State Park is home to one of the world’s few remaining refuges for Giant Sequoias and offering the visitor a unique look at these beautiful massive trees.

  • Calveras Big Trees State Park is home to amazing Giant Sequoias
  • Only a short drive from Yosemite National Park
  • Hike the South Grove trail for a tranquil view of these massive trees
  • Take a whitewater trip on the North Fork Stanislaus River
  • Winter sports are popular at the park


Calveras Big Trees Park never ceases to amaze visitors as they wander through the forest and view these beautiful giants. The park is not far from Yosemite, making it easy to visit when exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountain region.

Location & Information

Big Trees State Park is northwest of Yosemite, off of California Highway 4. To reach Big Trees State Park from Yosemite, simply take Highway 140 out of Yosemite’s western gateway, bearing right when you come to Highway 49. Travel on 49 and then turn right onto California Highway 108, taking it four miles to get onto County Route E18. After 11 miles you’ll get on Highway 4 following it towards and beyond Farmington to the park.

The best time to visit the park is in the spring, summer and fall. Some roads are closed in the winter months.

Contact information:
Dept. of Parks and Recreation
1416 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Public Information Telephone:
800-777-0369 or 916-653-6995


Calveras Big Trees State Park California offers great recreational opportunities for the whole family.

  • Hiking
    Besides such popular trails such as North Grove, the Lava Bluff Trail and Bradley Trail, the South Grove Trail is a prime example of a great remote hiking location. It’s a five-mile roundtrip hike through forests with 250 to 300-foot high trees, which are about 2,000 to 3,000 years old. This area is less crowded and gives you some solitude.
  • Rafting
    Rafting the North Fork Stanislaus River will be an experience you won’t soon forget. The continuous whitewater (Class II ) lends a thrill to the trip, and the scenery is awesome.
  • Camping
    Calveras Big Trees State Park boasts two main campgrounds, so you can find a spot and sleep out under the stars. This will give you an early start to your next day’s adventures.
  • Winter Sports
    Winter activities at Big Trees Park are challenging and fun, with trails for varied levels and lengths as long as four miles.
  • Other Activities
    In summer months, enjoy ranger talks and many interpretive and environmental educational programs.

Fun Facts

Calveras Big Trees was named a State Park in 1931 to preserve the Giant Sequoias in the North Grove. Among the magnificent trees there you will find the “Discovery Tree,” found in 1852 by Augustus Dowd. It was 24 feet in diameter at its base. The tree was felled in 1853. The giant stump is all that remains.