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Fees & Permits

Yosemite National Park is a part of the National Park System and a designated Federal Recreation Area. As such, fees and permits are charged for the use and enjoyment of the Park. The funds raised by the fees and permits are used to maintain the Park and to assist with the cost of Park improvements as needed. Read More

You don't need reservations to visit or enter Yosemite National Park, but reservations for lodging or camping are essential if you plan to spend the night in the park

7-Day Entrance Fees

  • Private Car $20.00 per vehicle If you arrive in your private car, the entrance fee is $20 per car, is valid for seven days, and includes all occupants of the car. Cash, personal checks, travelers' checks, and credit cards are accepted.
  • Individuals $10.00 per person If arriving on foot, horseback, motorcycle, or on a non-commercial bus (free for those 15 years old and younger)

Commercial Tours
Please note that fees are based on capacity, not on occupancy.

  • Commercial sedan (up to six seats): $25.00 (plus $10 per person)
  • Commercial van (7-15 seats): $125.00
  • Commercial mini bus (16-25 seats): $200.00
  • Commercial motor coach (more than 26 seats): $300.00

Other Passes
These passes admit the pass owner and any accompanying passengers in a private car. Purchase these passes at any park entrance station.

  • Yosemite Pass (annual pass): $40.00
  • America the Beautiful–National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass: $80
    This is an annual admission pass covering admission and standard amenity fees. This replaces the National Parks Pass and Golden Eagle Pass.
  • Access Pass Free
    This is a lifetime admission and discount pass for US citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities.
  • Senior Pass $10.00
    This is a lifetime admission and discount pass for US citizens or permanent residents who are age 62 or older.

Activity Fees

  • Backcountry/Wilderness Permit Free
    Free wilderness permits are required for backpackers spending the night in the Yosemite Wilderness. Reservations are accepted for a fee. Please plan ahead and contact local officials to make your reservations.
  • Film permit $150.00
    A permit is required when the filming, videotaping, sound recording or still photography involve the use of talent, professional crews, set dressings, or props; when they involve product or service advertisement; or when the activity could result in damage to park resources or disruption of visitor use.
  • Wedding permit $150.00
    A Special Use Permit is required for any wedding held at any location within Yosemite National Park.