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Lee Vining California Activities

For the ideal vacation spot, choose Lee Vining, California. It’s an outdoor wonderland, filled with activities for anyone of any age. In the High Sierra, there are unforgettable views, wildlife like nowhere else and forest wilderness to explore to your heart’s content. A getaway in Lee Vining will have you creating memories that will last forever. Read More

In Lee Vining, you are minutes away from some amazing destinations for adventure. And in town you have all the conveniences, from comfortable accommodations, a market, restaurants and many visitor services. You can’t ask for anything more.

Places to Visit
While in Lee Vining and searching for what to see, the options are many. Get out in the fresh air and sunshine and have some fun. Be sure to visit:

  • Yosemite National Park – you simply must travel through this incredible park, with its granite domes, flowered meadows, sweet-smelling forests and trout-filled lakes. The scenery will leave you breathless.
  • Bodie Ghost Town – the ghosts of the past live on in Bodie. This was a wild and crazy mining camp in the 1870s. Now a preserved historic site, it’s only 45 minutes from Lee Vining.
  • Mono Craters – these volcanoes seem about to erupt, but you are safe. The geological wonders of the Mono Basin will educate and amaze.
  • Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve – the vistas, beaches and wildlife make this beautiful spot one to remember. You must bring your camera to capture the scene. Swim in the salty water and experience something new and different!

When in Lee Vining, Get Active
There are so many activities that keep people going all day and into the night. You have a chance to breath in the mountain air and shed some of those workaday woes. Things to Do Around Lee Vining:

  • Camping – there are no lack of campsites in these parts. Camp along the June Lake Loop. You’ll find a number of campgrounds maintained by the Forest Service.
  • Fishing – you have plenty of streams and lakes to choose from. Try for your trophy catch on Mill Creek or Rush Creek. The Tioga and Saddlebag Lakes as well as others are fully stocked with trout. You’ll have the time of your life.
  • Photography – you can get some unbelievable shots of the mountains towering above with the glaciers as icing on them. The Aspens and shimmering streams can provide very aesthetic photos that will impress all your friends.
  • Winter Sports – Lee Vining has all sorts of things to enjoy in the snow. Try ice climbing, or take off across the landscape on a snowmobile.

Yes, Lee Vining is a place that never loses its appeal, and you’ll return again and again.