Yosemite Nordic Holiday Race


Nordic Holiday Race

When looking for the perfect skiing or Nordic holiday, look no further than Yosemite National Park, where a ski race and other activities are just a part of the whole experience. In fact, Yosemite National is one of the most popular winter destinations for many people, including excellent accommodation, fun trails and plenty to do both inside and out. Read More

  • Badger Pass has 90 miles of marked trails
  • A February annual race in Yosemite National Park
  • For all ages and skill levels

Overview: Yosemite National Park is not only a great place for a skiing holiday, but Nordic ones, too. In fact, it offers the chance to ski in a prestigious race whilst enjoying all the other recreational opportunities that Yosemite National Park offers in the winter. Many winter adventurers go to enjoy the cross country skiing, especially families with children because it provides a safe and exciting environment.

When: A mid February event each year

Where: Badger Pass in Yosemite

Fees: Entry fees vary

Details: The park's main pass is the main location for cross country skiing adventures and the famed Nordic Race. There are a total of three hundred and fifty miles of varied roads and trails, including Badger Pass (90 – marked; 25 – groomed) and Old Badger Summit (3 km racing track).

For those with little skiing experience, Badger Pass also has a ski school where beginners and experts can fine tune their skills with different lessons, take tours or spend the night in the backcountry. It also offers different ski types, sleds, snowshoes and camping equipment. Alternatively, one can spend a weekend in the warmth of Glacier Point Ski Hut and enjoy food, shelter and outstanding scenery.

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