Bass Lake California Fishing Derby


Bass Lake Fishing Derby

The Bass Lake Fishing Derby takes place every year in May in Yosemite National Park. It is considered a fun time for both families and serious fishermen. The coveted prize stands at around $50,000, but there is plenty of opportunity for other smaller prizes as well. In fact, it attracts thousands of visitors annually. Read More

  • The Derby is held in May at the scenic Bass Lake, named so for its abundance of bass.
  • Fee per adult and per family
  • Considered a fun time for both families and serious fishermen

Overview:  The Derby is held in May at the scenic Bass Lake, named so for its abundance of bass. However, the competition is not about bass, but trout. Prizes have ranged in the past from $20 to as high as $25,000, totaling some $50,000 in prizes. In fact, it is so easy to reach, via Highway 41 that even non-anglers flock to the event to enjoy the many activities that the event hosts as well as the other things that the lake offers.

When: May 5th-6th, 2018

Where: Bass Lake - Yosemite National Park

Fees: A fee is charged per adult or per family

Details: California's Yosemite National Park is home to the renowned Bass Lake Fishing Derby, an annual fishing tournament that attracts many tourists, families and anglers. Located not far from the town of Oakhurst, the area has come to symbolize bass fishing at its best. In fact, the grand prize has increased over the years, with event sponsors increasing it annually by as much as $10,000 each time.

Each fish that is entered is tagged according to size, with only one being selected for the grand prize. Over one hundred are given a $100 prize and the rest get $20 each. Registration is very reasonable, but all fishermen over the age of sixteen must have a fishing license that covers two days.

Bass Lake is about four miles in length and half a mile in width. It offers a range of pleasurable recreation opportunities, including boating, water sports and camping. Its cooling environment is highlighted by pleasant summer breezes and shaded by trees.

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